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Jongno Store only uses Korean Cultured Pig.


Operation system of Distribution center



Contracted farm



Meat processing center



Jongno store



Distribution center

Paju, Hwasung, Chungju, busan



Reduction of distribution stage through the direct distribution center and farm! We payback the retail margin to the customer and franchisees

CMC FC corporate is stable if there is cost rising and crisis. For the Jongno store, the pride of the best is fresh and stable supply of distribution.


Contracted farm

Direct distribution center


Our Quality is better than others because pigs are raised intentionally. Optimized environment for the pork grilling.


Stable supply distribution system even if we face cost raise and crisis. This is basis of believable Franchise! Operate the direct distribution center in Paju, Chungju, Busan! Exclusive Kimchi factory also operating for Us! For every single day, Best local store supplies the fresh food resources.


One day delivery system in the whole country

happy distribution system


Unique raw meat Franchise in domestic! One day delivery system for the whole affiliated store! Add to freshness with stable supply of distribution!


Three GO happy distribution system from farm to the table. Reduce the 7 distribution stage to 3 stage by operating the direct distribution center We give the high profit rate to the Franchisees with reasonable price for the best raw meat.


One-pack system

Customized Packing


Kitchen work can be simple via one pack system for one person is clean and simple. It makes cutting down personnel expenses. Of course we do our best with management of unchanged taste for the customer service.


Fork raw meat – Propagation of germs and loss rate DOWN! Small vacuumed package for each 1 KG Korean Beef – Best fresh Korean Beef! Loss rate zero! Small oxygen package for each dish


Raw meat from -2 to 2

222 degree, Delicious temperature


Delicious temperature law



Maintain the absolute temperature itself from meat progressing to the store.



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Central Branch : 6 2F, Geumbong 4-gil, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea / TEL : 043-855-0992 / FAX : 043-855-0993

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