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One Whole Raw Meat

samgyupsal, pork shoulder, etc. of fresh & high quality meat. Recommended menu

Meat Plate

Prime part of own fresh meat from our own farm; samgyupsal, pork shoulder, arm picnic.

Special Plate

Fresh special area can be tasted only in Jongno BBQ; Gabri-sal, Cheek meat, Hard meat, Doohangjeong.


Pork belly. Favorite menu.

Pork Shoulder

Good mixture of fat and meat makes delicate texture. Pork shoulder


The part from porks neck to shoulder. Lots of marbling. The most be loved delicacy of butchers.

Hard meat

Porks rear neck part. It called hard meat for chewy texture.

Cheek meat

only 80g from whole pork meat. Literally part of cheek. Delicate and chewy.

Gabri meat

front part of pork sirloin. Tender and fresh taste.

Skirt meat

the part that is between diaphragm and liver. Chewy taste from the tendon.

Barbequed Rib

Barbequed rib with special recipe of Jongno BBQ.

Korean style beef tartare

chopped finely with special Jongno seasoning made of black sesame. Served with crispy sweat pear and uncooked egg yolk.






Spicy stew with boiled pork

Kookmin Budae jjigae

Stew that boiled with hand-made ham, sliced pork belly, potato dough.

Pork steak meal

made of minced pork rib. Served with fried vegetable.

Mushroom Doenjang jjigae

boiled with shiitake, Enoki mushroom, oyster mushroom, shrimp and Manila clam. Served with vegetable bibimbab.

Tong Deungsimgas

Sirloin Cutlet.

Children meal

Served with sirloin cutlet and potato croquette.

Jongno Bulgogi

Best spicy taste of grilled Bulgogi

Country Kimchi jjigae

Boiled with kimchi and pork meat. Recommendation menu




Jongno noodle

Busan style hot noodle. Topped with minced kimchi and green onion sauce.

Small Doenjang jjigae

Small size Doenjang jjigae.

Gyese soup

Boiled with rice, egg, shrimp. Recommend for relish food.

Wheat scorched rice

More delicious scorched rice.


Cold noodle. Spicy and Sweat.

Old fashioned lunch box

The rice topped with sausage, fried anchovy, fried egg, and fried kimchi.


Spicy ramen.

Steamed egg

Steamed Egg

New York Mojito

Jongno cocktail/Mojito. Fresh apple mint flavor and sparkling water. (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)

Baby meal

Boiled rice with vegetable. Baby meal.




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